Certified Ethical Hacker Review (CEHv9)


This is my first review of an international course and exam,

I will write about preparation to this course,

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First of all you need to be in the IT environment such as student or employee other that you have to take external courses such Data Base and web programming language,  Operating Systems, finally and the must is computer networks.

  • The above courses are mentioned for non IT people or if you are you have been familiar with SQL, Computer Network,
  • You can take it from (CCNA, Network+), basic web programming language so that you can edit HTML code or PHP in advanced.
  • Basic Linux Command that will help you in Kali-Linux Labs, don’t worry 80% of the course applied on windows server 😉


The Course:

CEH have 18 module talks about technology and how you can secure it from several attacks,

That include:

  1. Information Gathering.
  2. Network Scanning.
  3. Enumeration.
  4. System Hacking.
  5. Web Hacking.
  6. SQL Injection.
  7. Wireless Hacking.
  8. Cloud Computing.
  9. IOT Hacking (New).
  10. Vulnerability (Assessment).
  11. WIFI Hacking.
  12. Sniffing.
  13. Malware Threats.
  14. Mobile Hacking
  15. Evading Firewall, IDS, IPS.
  16. Cover Tracking.

Basically this just a brief of the course outline.

My journey talk around 2 month of course attendants and for preparation for the exam around 3 month to read and apply all   materials covered.

I had CEHv9 and i faced a lot of expired tool and labs, don’t worry just google the command or topic lab and you will find the alternative command,

You will face old attacks such as SSL Strip to sniff the Facebook password because they changed the protocol used to transfare credentials over local network.

The course is really awesome it gives you the full knowledge of hacking in the real word example, But all you need to keep the follow-up with your instructor because you will take a lot of information.

In additions of a lot of information, The applied labs will covet the important topic like system hacking and introduce of technology like cloud computing.

Your book is your friend, The CEH book will cover every basic information also you can ask EC-Council support to help you with any issue.


The Exam:

CEH exam has 125 Question all of them is multiple choice, focusing on all material, and important topic such as

  • Nmap parameter around 5 questions.
  • Hacking Ethics.
  • XSS, CRF, SQL.
  • Linux Command.
  • WIFI table and ranges.
  • Scenario Based Question.

The secret key of final exam that you can look for Dump and take an idea for the exam and it my cover around 60% of the exam depends of the dump release date.

You need to apply all labs to make sure you have covered all knowledge in the course.

There is no practical question in the exam.

The exam is web app online not like other offline emulator environment.


This course is for beginner and the opening door for penetration testing and  information security career,

you can complete in this next track via ECSA (Security Analyst) , and LPT (Master Penetration Testing).

Happy Hacking!


Abdulghani Alkhateeb

CEHv9, CCNA, Network System Student @ A.S.U

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